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Can't see my friend (Need help bad)

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  • Can't see my friend (Need help bad)

    I just started the game recently and have reached lvl 36 on server S59. Since I find the game interesting I called a friend of mine to come join me. Today he created an account and a character on the same server hoping we can play together after he levels up. However, after he got enough levels (think 10-12) to reach Starglade, we found out that we can't see each other. We tried varies part of the city and it never worked. Our computer are next to each other and even though we can see the same NPC on the screen (for eg the King) we just couldn't see each other. In our screens we see different players as well.

    We could add each other as friend but everytime we tried to form a group, we would get an error message "Invalid party name".

    Is this a bug or is this normal? Our plan is to play together and I help him get to my level fast, if this persist I don't know if he wil go on, so please help.

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    Chances are you guys are not on the same instance. On you mini-map, on the left hand corner you will see an L with a number ( 1-5) make sure you guys are on the same L. If you need a screenie, just let me know.

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      Thanks so much, it turns out that I am in L2 and he is in L1, dunno what caused that but thanks so much again for your help =)