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What's with the anti-priest events?

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    Originally posted by venomeh View Post
    Light heal isn't attack :P but yeah it uses cast speed lol
    aw... touche

    Originally posted by sebastian1988 View Post
    Funny how people still believe that GMs would read these threads or care about their customers.
    most of us who hang on the forums long enough know that almost nothing will be done about it (for the time being, never know in the future), but those who don't know will post, and those who do know will just comment on it..l idk for the sake of it

    Originally posted by R23375643 View Post
    hopefully they will see it and do something
    We can only pray
    If I post something really weird that makes no sense whatsoever it means I'm not mentally there at the time I post it (probably sleep deprived)

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