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Where to get soul shard aside from ranger in tree of life?

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  • Where to get soul shard aside from ranger in tree of life?

    ranger in tree of life got only 5 attempts per day! when trying to look at the soul to upgrade it takes 2 or 3 days before i can upgrade my soul is there any other way on how to get this soul shards?
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    You can buy them at the item shop.


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      To get soul shards:

      1 - ranger at tree of life (which you know)
      2 - ladder. You get 1 SS for each 10 levels you get to. So if you get to level 10, 1 SS. Get to level 20, 2 SS, etc..
      3 - Avernal packs can give SS
      4 - treasure trove. Class A, S (and I think B) give Soul shards. You can get them on the higher levels of Treasure Trove or you can convert 5 small treasures into a better treasure that is guaranteed to give you either a class A, B, or S treasure. OR you can be lucky and get a class A,B, and S treasure from a small treasure.
      5 - special events sometimes give away SS.
      6 - Cash shop (including Fate Shop)
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