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frageron weapon deletion

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  • frageron weapon deletion

    hello i went to repair my frageron weapon at one of the vendors and accidently deleted it some how is there any way it can be replaced it was (earthen) level 7
    enchantment 3.

    thank you

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    Pretty much, that's your own fault. You really shouldn't have it out in your inv. Either have it in vault or equipped... And repair is a distance away from sell... so...


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      well last i checked ur not a moderator so ur opinion means nothing get off my post thanks...


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        If you're not open to criticism, don't bother with posts. As far as getting your weapon replaced, try filing a ticket and seeing if that helps. Otherwise, you'll have to start over on the fraga weapon.
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          As far as I know, they don't replace anything in-game. So, Bojangle, get as pissy as you want, from my experience, it's your fault and they won't replace.


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            File a ticket as Codawg already mentioned, they'll tell you whether it can be replaced or not. It is however highly unlikely that something like your weap get's replaced. On the forums these things aren't resolved the way you'd want to. Only discussed.
            I had to file a ticket to remove my Battle Bear, but I have 2 toons under my acc name (my very first toon was a mage that had part agi/part endu/part int stats). I accidentally named the other toon (similair names) to remove the battle bear instead of my main: it gets deleted. Then resolved it getting my main's bear as intended gone, and after explanation I got my noob's battle bear back too, however as Lv1 (don't count on anything more than that, basic item was retrieved, no upgrades).

            And for both Bojangle and Daedalus: Forums exist mostly out of other players, little chance of a GM posting other than "file a ticket" on these cases and usually a forum moderator doing what the name states. Crticism is always expected and usually given since this is still a place to discuss methods of increasing our gameplay-experience. Don't think only a GM has the right answer. And don't snap at each other so easily >>
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              The only way to delete an Item like that is to click it with the sell button, and then click again on [ok] when the warning screen pops up...
              There is a reason the warning screen is there for that.

              So all in all it is very unlikely that you will receive any item back for doing something like that. But you can always file a ticket as stated above.