First, whatever they did where it shows all your toons from different servers on the same account on one toon select screen is REALLY screwing with people. some of us have more than 3 toons across the servers on one account and the only way for it to show toons past the 3 it shows is to delete one of the visible toons. try to select a different server maybe? nah it just shows a combined list still.

second... WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!! r2 has a claim that ALL content is available to ALL players (casher or not), they can make this claim by allowing 11 crystals per day be exchanged at the fountain for charm.... we all know this is a pathetically small amount for how much most of the systems cost and it would take decades to save enough to max even 1 system. the minimum lvl for his WAS 80, but it has just be changed to lvl 120. I mean i totally understand the need for a min level on this due to abuse, but 80 was a reasonable lvl. 120 means players need to rebirth, (or skip rb at 80 and push to 120, but that is silly). this doesn't effect cashers much, but it REALLY screws over the free players. BAD MOVE, this needs to be reversed.