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Plunder lvl limit

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  • Plunder lvl limit

    Hi yes on our server we have two a holes who do not let anyone and i mean anyone on the server but there own guild do delivery i was wandering what can be done then it hit me.... We could have a lvl cap on plundering to keep from this happening it is sad when someone does this and we have no one who is online at that time to stop them. The whole server is requesting that we have something done it is unfair that only a single few people can get to deliver and stop anyone else from getting to
    when they are done with the amount of plunders they can have a day they give the ones they plunder way to there guild so that they can make sure that still no one gets past this is bad for game less people will be playing i know of people who have quit due to these 2 nincompups killing everyone in everything and not letting anyone get anything done ty. please reply. A n if you read this and this is happening to you or your server please speak up then we may be able to stop them or get r2 to realize that his is unfair that they are 2x anyone else's lvl and just use that to kill whole server use people who have used over 250$ and cannot move servers due to that have to stay and do nothing nothing but grind because of just two lowly unfair people.

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    sadly theres none to do about it,
    many have had complained yet r2 had done nothing,

    there will always these stupid plunderer,
    doing nothing but kill all deliverer yet never take dropped xtaloid,
    theyre just pure plunderer,
    and if these plunderer are those current winner of lg,
    then i prefer not doing deli a while,
    or do deli then destroy xtaloid when plunderer sighted lol
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      no we win LG but they not just plunder in delivery they also troll in gr and then talk about how superior they are to everyone just cause they are 2x the lvl nothing but whine lol when it come to LG all they do is attack us while we take towers lol. It is sad to see people who are higher lvl take advantage of everyone on the server and for this reason i ask that you please soon merge S60 with servers we cannot merge with younger servers cause they will be 2 months behind us to please merge us with s58-59 or something so that these few that are stoping everyone on server from doing anything can see what happens when others their lvl troll them its high time we get merge and many people on my server are asking this as well.