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This page can't be displayed

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  • death2409
    started a topic This page can't be displayed

    This page can't be displayed

    So there's probably some really simple answer to this or something that I'm doing wrong but I for the life of me just can't figure out what to do with this. When ever I try to go to Crystal Saga it says This page can't be displayed. I've messed around with it for a while and tried a few different things but as I said before I can't figure out what to do so if anybody could help me here it would be greatly appreciated.

    Click image for larger version

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  • death2409
    Lol it's been like this for me since the Christmas maintenance forever ago

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  • Oychii
    ummm, I have had this same thing happen a few times to me, I'm using FF.

    All other websites worked just fine, all except for R2(d2) lol. I cleaned out cache with CrapCleaner, or CC for short.
    Tried it again and same thing the site's main page just sat there and hung... and hung... 'refresh x10 and then
    right when I was going to close the tab it loaded!!! BUT when I tried to go to another page, ( on the same site)
    back to the hanging again.

    I finaly got the site to load up normaly which all I did was close my browser for like 10 minutes and then started it again
    clicked on my book mark to CS like I did before, and the page had already loaded
    before I took my eyes off the book mark! IDK strange for sure but at least it loaded so I could play the game again.

    Last edited by Oychii; 01-25-2013, 08:51 PM.

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