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where the chicken is my characters,

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  • where the chicken is my characters,

    wake up login, normal puppet, except all my toons across 3 servers are gone. puppet is going on.
    Last edited by *Minori*; 06-05-2019, 03:42 PM. Reason: All profanity changed to puppet or chicken. Please do NOT use profanity on the forums.

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    Please, do not use profanity on the forums. It's against the rules.

    In regards to all players with missing characters, you will need to file a ticket with the following information.
    • Character name and server
    • Screenshots of any purchases you've made. You'll need to screenshot your characters purchase history and a receipt of the purchase such as PayPal. (This helps prove you're the owner of the account. If you've made no purchases then ignore this step.)
    • The email address attached to the account.
    • Roughly the time the character was created.
    • Finally, your IP Address when the character was created.
    Once you've filed a ticket regarding your missing characters and 72 hours have passed without a response you can reach out to me or KanaDT with your email and a brief explanation of the situation we will be happy to forward your needing assistance with your ticket to the team. Thank you.
    If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
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