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npc issu

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  • npc issu

    whit the new zone in heavently island i have a probleme the npc to go back to tree of life is too close to the portal to go to star path can you please move it a bit on the side evrytime i try to click on it i walk on the portal

    i try to send a ticket to the suport about this but the suport systeme completly refuse to accept the number verification at the bottom ,i try to redo my ticket 5 time it simply dont work

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    i second this motion. its very irritating, the in game auto pathing always hits the portal ><


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      Please, provide video documentation and I will forward this request to the team. Thank you.
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        this gardian npc send you back to tree of life the portal beside him is the portal to star path the new zone they just to close and went you quit star path and try to aproach the npc to go back to tree of life you walk on the portal all the time
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