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GM Ingame asking if Im a scammer

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  • GM Ingame asking if Im a scammer

    title says itClick image for larger version

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    Sorry for double post but did same thing to my girlfriends character as well, said if we don't give infos he will ban us, so I told him that gms dont ask for infos ingame and that if you wanted to ban us youd do it without infos


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      He's not a GM . File a ticket about him for impersonating to be a GM.
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        I agree with Sir. A GM does not have an in game ID that simply says GM - well not to my knowledge. And, of course, a GM will not ask for any information related to your account ID/pass. Definitely file a ticket with that screenshot.


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          We will ban him. Thank you for reporting this to us.


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            Out of curiosity, what exactly DOES a real GM look like in game? I Have never seen one ever so am just wondering.

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              If there is someone claiming to be a GM in game, and you view their Toon they will have a GM sword. It is a sure way to tell if it is a real GM
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                Weeeeeeell not exactly all GM toons have GM swords these days.
                But if their honor rank is peasant, and they're level 80 or so, that would most likely be a GM character.

                Actually there was a time somebody whispered to me that I scammed and I am going to get banned.
                True story... x_x

                ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

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                  Originally posted by Miroku View Post
                  Out of curiosity, what exactly DOES a real GM look like in game? I Have never seen one ever so am just wondering.
                  A real GM will look like a lvl1 peasent noob with the GM sword and these amazing intel,strength,etc. And will have the blue words [GM] right next to their name.
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                    you can tell by his spelling/grammar hes not a gm.


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                      Any GM in-game can be requested to appear at your location if they have an issue about you to discuss. When they do so they must have [GM] infront of their name in blue(?) I believe. If they don't have that they're no GM. The GM-sword isn't always equipped, usually it is when they're outside cities so ppl don't pk them I guess :P
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                        That said, a LOT of these people have been popping up on our servers and a lot of (mostly lower level mortal) accounts have been "taken" by people who were convinced this was a GM.
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                          A real GM sword looks like this o_O
                          I'm not usually active so my stats are the same.

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                          Well, that's about it! Have a fantastic day...


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                            i think the GM should post what the way to identify a GM since the scammer are getting more and more active these days
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                              All of your descriptions of a GM are wrong. A GM Will have "R2" before it's name. E.g R2Joey and where you will sometime see players with [VIP] next to there name. It will say [GM]. E.g [GM]R2Joey. Most GM's do NOT carry a GM Sword and are not over powered. They will simply have exactly 0 honor and no equips. The level differs. R2Joey is at 50 and R2Rene is at 30 in my server so there is no way to tell by level, yet they both have 0 honor or equips.

                              I have seen a GM before in my server. (S54)R2Rene is his name. Search it if you are in my server if you like.

                              Hopefully this will clear the confusion.
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