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DC droprate nerfed?

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  • DC droprate nerfed?

    So, after pushing all the ESD into the market, people got their master equips but.. many people complain about getting far less dragon crystal from their dungeons.
    Is this intended to tempt people into cashing for DC to enchant their new esd equips or is it just bad luck (guild-wide,, server-wide bad luck)

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    DC droprates have not been nerfed.
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      Hm, then I might be really unlucky, but also other people have way worse dc droprates. i used to get at least 5-8 DC per 8 Psycho runs, now I got like 2 DC in 13 runs >_>
      Hopefully soon getting better drops.


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        I get 1 DC every 5 Sacrificial Relic runs and it's always on the very first (5/5) dungeon then (0/4) I get nothing everytime.
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