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Fix Guessing Game

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  • Fix Guessing Game

    This is the Forth time in two weeks where i get disconnected from guessing game on crystal saga and am not able to retrieve my awards When I Win .... can u do something where we can get our rewards on the outside of guessing game incase we get disconnected ??? or get reimbursed ??? guessing game is really laggy which leads me and many other players to be disconnected
    Crystal Saga:
    IGN: [s50]Hiromi
    Server: Crimson Groves
    Lvl 56[Elidolon] DPS Tank - Viceroy
    Guild: CandyShop

    Lunaria Story:
    IGN: [62]Hiromi
    Server: Rushing Tide
    Lvl 69 Mage
    Might : 227k

    Proud To Be A Non Casher