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What is going on???

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  • What is going on???

    Is there a problem with PvE Server [S60] Exigent Bluff?

    I keep getting DCed or Disconnected, I relog and get disconnected again and again and now it just
    sits there and hangs while logging onto the game, this is after I chose my toon btw.

    Guess all the merging may have caused the hellish LAG I was getting? Really didn't matter which layer
    I was on either. Please fix it! I was out grinding when everything went non responsive.


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    It happened again just a few minutes ago, ingame windows suddenly locking up and disconnected again!!!
    I have cleaned my cache, rebooted my PC, defragged, What could be the problem? I'm playing on the same server as above.
    I do not have anything blocking the site, Windows firewall lets it pass, hmmm maybe my DSL ISP is having problems? nope, just checked.
    Any help or advice would be great about this, cause Im just about ready to go find another online browser mmorpg game to play that
    I know works!

    This just sux that I keep getting disconnected from this game. This did not happen at all before the latest update, (not sure if the merge
    would have anything to do with this problem, though I doubt it.)


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      I'm constanly being DCed from the same server


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        All of the cashers money put to excellent use. This is an example of that.