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  • bath fails

    Has anyone report the holy water in baths not healing yet? If so sry for more complaints if not please look into the issue

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    Holy light fails if you spam-click it instead of calmly casting it. To do this the easy way: put Holy water in afk-mode in one of the 2 slots at "HP < 99% Use", 99 is the % you put it at. Start bath, stand on the cords, activate afk-mode (the holy water aoe will show up immediatly so don't click anywhere else untill you need to do the heal). After the first heal you can just sit and wait untill the AoE-circle shows up again and then click to heal. This trick usually helps with people who spam the item for the heal waiting for the cooldown to be done.

    PS: afk-mode only brings up the circle once the cooldown is complete, it does not heal for you.
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      Thank you that is a nice trick I will start useing