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Soloing Indigo Blight?

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  • Soloing Indigo Blight?

    Ok so I have made a priest and gotten him to level 25 but when I fight devourzak I die almost immediately and if your wondering I have bloodboil and curse mastery maxed out and two points in curse of weakness. I have 79 intelligence and 81 endurance. Please help.

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    Health orbs and good pet and you should be fine


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      What would be a good pet? I have a bear cub thats my level.


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        Teekas the best pet I reccomend and it doesn't necessary mean that priest can solo doungeons first at the exact level (besides vault and bc .-.)

        And I read this as Blessed Bath ._.
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        I'm not usually active so my stats are the same.

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        Well, that's about it! Have a fantastic day...