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Ultimate divine +10 wings are bugged.

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    Originally posted by SirGahalant View Post
    Click image for larger version

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    Seriously, stop posting those crappy memes.


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      ur definitely nub lol..
      im 980 soul, and i have 34k p.atk with full buff..
      im not max all yet like gala..
      how can ppl with 3000 soul only have 28-29k stat..
      maybe last time u check him,he is naked/rebirth/not max soul yet/etc..
      please dont waste time hating..
      im non casher too,but casher what make the server running..


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        Originally posted by speeds16 View Post
        I don't even think this is about the money at all, just gahalant making a fool out of himself posting really really bad attempts at meme's because normal trashtalk only contained the word 'stupid', 4 times in a sentence, which didn't really land.
        On top of gahalant having tried to sell his account on a different mmorpg, it's more the suspicion they aren't legit players. Especially if you're new to a game and cash simply -everything- there is straight to the max. What's the point of playing then? Ranting on the forums cause you're so mature for a richypants? Seems realistic.
        Bravo. you know alot about me