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too fast seng

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  • too fast seng

    seng is going too fast.
    no fun at all.
    suggesting tower and xtal should be first 10 min invinsible.

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    Read the description of Seng. If you don't like the fact that people complete the objective too fast, don't enter.


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      I agree. Sengolia was released well before the current level cap and characters are capable of decimating Sengolia in under 30 seconds. It's silly considering Sengolia is one of the biggest events of the day.

      I believe it would be appropriate for the Towers and Crystals to operate like many Event Bosses; every character can only do 10,000 damage per hit, regardless of stats. That, coupled with an increase in the HP of Towers and Crystals would completely solve the problem.

      I enjoy new events weekly, but I would prefer if R2 would at least update the current events - especially one as fun and big as Sengolia.