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    I started playing Crystal Saga a couple years ago on your site and I've loved the game every since. A few months ago I joined Koramgame who released one server and I have spent hundreds of hours and dollars ever since starting my toon. Unfortunately, they are now closing down the server soon and all my friends on there are going to lose all the time and money they put into it, including me. It simply is not fair to any of us, and apparently this is not the first time they have done this. I need to know if R2Games can buy the server from Koramgames (it is just one server), and transfer it over onto R2 with a merge of a similar server or leave it on its own. You guys do merges all the time, so I really, really, really hope this is possible. I beg you, to look into this so our characters won't be deleted forever...

    Site closure:
    Many complaints:

    I am on my knees here R2... please look into this.



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    It's one of R2's partners, the servers belong to R2, they don't have to buy them.


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      If that's so, then does the server have to end? Can it be transfered over to R2?


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        It really comes down to R2 if they're willing to absorb your server, things like community size in the server will be taken to account. If they do take your server in, there will be likely be merged with other servers.


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          That is the trouble with investing large sums of money on web games. Sadly they are not designed like Runescape where they take care of there customers year after year :-( I really feel bad for you man. But perhaps in the future don't spend as much money and these games will start designing for longevity rather then a quick sale.


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            this going End hardwork to reach good Char being in vain


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              Any chance of adopting our server? We have a not so decent population but we're all dedicated players.


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                i came from koram too with Scion lvl 70 extreme angel lord wings and what should to do now? just delete that char? lol


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                  im from koramgame level 46 priest, if its closed, what should we do now?
                  are we just going to delete that char forever?


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                    level 55 mage from koramgame, not a casher and not yet too high a level as compared to scion/eidolon players in our server, but i support fellow S1 Vidalians that our server shouldn't just shut down without a
                    fight. hope you consider. I used to play in r2games too, but Wartune instead of CS.


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                      I have passed along the thread to the proper people. If it's a possibility, then they will do what they can to work something out for you all.

                      I will keep my fingers crossed that arrangements can be made.
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                        I speak for my whole server MemoryLane, thanks for your help. We hope for the best.


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                          Have hope! Another site, DP Games, shut down their 3 Crystal Saga servers recently and R2 was kind enough to merge their servers with (S57)(55)(52). Good luck!