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Teleport to Floran Everglades

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  • Teleport to Floran Everglades

    I have 2 Scions, a Knight and Mage, that I want to Teleport to Floran Everglades at the Goddess of Fate in order to kill the 999 giants and wolves to get the offensive sperion, however, when I click on her there is no option to do so. I have 2 priest at lower levels that do have the option of Teleporting to Floran Everglades where they got their sperion already.

    I have already gone back and forth with Crystal Saga support a number of times and the only thing they say is you are not completing something that needs to be done. "Well golly support, if I knew what that was, I wouldn't have contacted you over and over again, DUH".

    So I am throwing it out to the forum; can anyone out there tell me why I have the option of Teleporting to Floran Everglades via the Goddess of Fate using my Priest Scions but not using my Mage, Knight or Rogue Scions when they are at a higher levels.

    Things I have already done:
    1. abandoned all quests
    2. done the rebirth a number of times
    3. currently at level 73 (priest both had the option before level 70)

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There are 3 ways to get to the sperion quest area:

    1 -( the one you're referring to). Teleport to floran everglades at the goddess of fate. The ONLY time you can do this is when you have the Fallen Angel rebirth quest. If you don't have that quest, it won't show up. Keep trying till you get it.
    2 - Be level 75 and talk to the ladder NPC to go to the Heavenly Isle and walk there
    3- Be married ,with a teleportation ring, to a player that is able to access the area through options 1 and/or 2.
    LVL 140 eidolon hybrid holy-focus priest

    LVL 55 eidolon ice mage



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      You are absolutely correct regarding "The ONLY time you can do this is when you have the Fallen Angel rebirth quest." Both my Priest have that quest but none of my others do. Thank you very much for your much appreciated answer.