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what happened to galahalt/larahalt on s59?

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  • what happened to galahalt/larahalt on s59?

    hi guys,

    i just wanna ask what happened to them (those supercashers...) cause i wanted to check their maxed out stats today and i havent found them in ranking anymore nor anywhere else on this server?

    im only curious and if it is against the rules to ask here okay just close the thread then.

    but again, i only wanted to see how a maxed out knight with best possible gear can look like and on that server no one was able to answer me that question beside someone who told me they "deleted" their char. (i cannot believe that unless they really wanted to "burn" their money here.

    thx in advance

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    Stats This link is a forum thread that has Lara and Gala's stats from a lil while back. Idk how up to date they were, but they're still pretty impressive.
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      What ever happened to Gala and Lara is nobody's concern.
      Whatever reasoning behind their deletion is also nobody's concern.

      No point in throwing out assumptions without being provided an actual answer.
      The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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        They Deleted their characters for real
        and quit the game
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          Lara had a job promotion, i know this firsthand, so now she is concentrating on her job.
          gala i dont know


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            This is a not something to be brought up, again.
            As I stated before, this concerns nobody and no one but them.

            Quit sticking your nose in other people's business.
            The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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              they willingly left on their own. they had made a thread about it stating as such can be found here
              this thread will now be closed. again. any further inquires will be closed and or deleted. slandering etc will result in further action.
              to the thread opener. pm me an maybe i can find some Screen shots of different people for you.
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