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My Mage Need Help

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  • Goldstars1988
    started a topic My Mage Need Help

    My Mage Need Help

    Hello every1 i need help My mage is lvl 60 and i can do NM just vult SR and BC is imposible meaby i do somethink wrong ? i just wanna know what u think? here is whrite what have my mage

    Fragarach Orb V+3
    Full set Phantom's Bloodforged +7
    Hear Of Eden
    Extreme Fire Wings V
    Battle Bear lvl 5
    Insygnia Earl
    Skill i use Ice and one skill in Fire Flame Shield
    Pets what i have is Super Demon +5 And Tekka +1

    SR i can do just normal BC Normal

  • Krystallize
    It's normal for your level. Rogues are hopeless at dungeons, no heals or anything, but with the right build you will be able to solo SR soon. Zabuga is a fairly hard boss just on his own, so yeah. Just make sure you're geared right and so forth

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  • Lightlord01
    Your screwed. if you arent a rogue in this game or drop $50k USD on a new server. If you drop 50k on a mature server you get nerfed by a rogue who spent 5k

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  • elsage
    its normal for lvl60 mortal mage

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