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  • Inactive Guild Master

    My guild is (s45)demonslayers

    my guild master is (s45)tourokie , and he is now inactive without any contact.

    I need R2 game demote him and let me be the guild master, or the guild is over...

  • #2
    how bout make an suggestion to GM.,
    inactive GuildMaster ll autokick if do continuously offline for two weeks.,


    • #3
      While I don't completely disagree with that suggestion, I do foresee a lot of problems with it for solo guilds.

      Players can send a ticket in to ask for a change in guild leadership when the guild leader has been offline for a long time.
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        hmm.,ok im agree with u.,
        or maybe demote the offline guild leader.,
        and transfer it to ticket sender atm.,
        sticky this thread would be useful.,