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racism in game

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  • racism in game

    GM please do something about people who are being racist coz their words might hurt people they're saying something about--.-- please do something with the report button in game coz it does nothing at all -.-. just a suggestion ban em for like 1 days or more, or forever lol thanks

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    The report button works, there is a just a threshold that must be reached before it will mute the player. For everything else, take a screenshot and send it in a ticket so staff can address the issue.
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      There's an ignore feature for this. You can choose the player you wish to ignore by clicking on their name and choosing "Ignore". If it gets out of hand I suggest you to collect screenshot evidence amounting to what they say and report their behaviour by filing a Support Ticket. The link to Support Tickets is located below in my signature.
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        I was also muted for making racial jokes, and even though I announced that I'm sorry to anyone that has been offended by these jokes, I'm part black myself, so it doesn't seem to bad to me, but if you guys are offended by it, I'll stop, I'm sorry....and still got muted....
        power, speed, precision and fear no pain - Muay Thai motto


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	6th9x3.jpg
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Name:	elmkp.jpg
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ID:	1662260 *first time posting a pic... tell me this is not racism


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            i dont actually care what they're saying in their own language but the player in our server are complaining about the spamming habits from those people in other language
            and some of them are probably bad mouthing other people in their language so we can't understand


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              hey dude I think you dont know the meaning for racism.

              Racism and racial discrimination are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of whether these differences are described as racial. -From Wikipedia

              Those people are not racist,probably they are giving feedbacks on you or they saying something about what is your attitude,in other words.Since you cannot understand them,dont judge right away that they are racist.Like you said,you dont know what they are saying so how will you know if they are racist or not. ONe more thing, I think you are the one which is a racist because you are blocking those people from using there own language, those people have the right to use there language. Please be informed that there are some players who dont know how to speak English well. Those people cant express there opinions and feelings using English. Please check the word Racism first before you post. I think you're not understanding the meaning of it dude and I think you are the one downgrading the language of those people and thats an example of racism.


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                know what dude,thats me,im norman and to tell you those words we are using are not racism,please check you thread before posting it.

                Now,dude, its just because we are fighting with a casher and a high level player, you describe us racist. we are newbies but please check the root of the problem. check who started the fight. we are not the one who started it,"jenevivemar" is not the one who started it. They are the one who started the fight because of the reason "that we are using our own language." So whats the problem of using our own language.please dont judge robbay,your one sided.

                And please words that hurts doesnt mean that you are a racist. please know the meaning of racism.Dang people dont know the word racism. go back to school.
                Last edited by unitednations2; 11-07-2012, 03:48 AM.


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                  Indeed this is not racism, but people are still spamming in other languages. Well, in my opinion.


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                    Hmmm, just want to share my thought regarding this issue, well robbay my fellow pinoy gamers used tagalog words in WC for a few minutes, they actually having fun talking bout a game when suddenly ur friend mofert cut the conversation with her local language if im mistaken she means more or less close to this " people speaking ALIEN i WC" coz i saw the word alien from her chat, its nothing serious actually if u guys know how to respect if some people are using their own language on WC for a few minutes, besides u said to mofert that this is an international game, i would definitely understand if their used of tagalog on WC is taking so long that its causig any inconvenience to other chatters on WC but during those times there is none, aside from mofert who make herself put into the scene and started a new hell of a topic. RESPECT if its something that doesn't concern u better zip your mouth.


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                      If I may, I would like to share a couple of considerations regarding the matter. By coincidence, the last couple of days I've been following the world chat, taking into consideration the fact that the game is not only NPC fighting, but also interactive. You get the chance to talk with people from all over the world and this is one of the points of an international game, if I'm not mistaken. With all due respect for the people posting before me, I would like to underline the fact that the World Chat (WC - funny abbreviation for that, I might say) is 90% in other languages than English, most of the time. It's not for a couple of minutes, but it goes on and on most of the time. And I could say that Mofert pleaded repetedly for English in the world chat since I started playing, a couple of weeks ago. She only started to talk in her own language (this time, yes, for a couple of minutes) as a reaction to the fact that her kind request was ignored, to say the least. And I could say... If Mofert is the only one who pleaded for English in the world chat, this doesn't mean that she is the only one who wants to interact and understand other people's sayings. She is just the only one who reacted, but we are many who would like that, and she is somehow speaking for us.

                      Maybe you would think that Robbay's claim of racism is a bit of a wrong notion in the matter. But I would say that if (and only IF) people are asking you to shut up and learn their language, or if they are still talking in a language that you don't understand on purpose, like a childish reaction of your willing to understand what's happening on an international game, then I would say it's a bit chauvinistic.

                      Everybody is pleading for respect. Respect for one's language, respect for a new player, respect for an old player and so on. But how many of us are really ready to show the others the respect we are demanding?

                      I would end by stating an example I gave today in world chat as well. Imagine that you go out with friends, to a club or to a picnic, and they would start to speak a language that you don't know all the time... Ignoring you. How does that feel?

                      Thank you for your attention and I hope I won't be misunderstood.


                      (S18)Stefan (not a native English speaker)


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                        I am just being called racist because i couldnt understand and asked ppl to plz talk english in wc.
                        When i am a RACIST like ppl say in caps now they should look in the mirror!
                        I try to act on a friendly and respectfull way by respecting the entire world and terms of r2 to speek english even when its bad,
                        now im a racist ??????

                        My opinion, let R2 build a translator in wc!!

                        Because its a verryy bad thing to say to ppl that play a game out of RESPECT !!


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                          Thanks robbay.

                          U r just trying to get me out of the game.

                          U r the one PMming me, trying to upset me.

                          After the huge insults u send me in PM, I put u on ignore!!

                          Plz leave me outside your reactions out of frustration.

                          I am the player who always fights against rasism!! U know that too.

                          I think u blamed the wrong person this time.

                          If u hate me, feel free to try and spil my name. It says all about u and nothing about me.

                          I am 100% against rasism.

                          I try to bring it up in WC, some ppl like u Robbay, make drama.

                          U r the one who tells me that I am too stupid to learn tagalog. Think before u say this kind of crazy stuff. I cannot take u serious, I told u in PM , before I put u on ignore.

                          I hope u get better Robbay.

                          I have nothing agianst u personaly, But I cannot tolerate your hate chats.

                          Sorry people that this kind of sick mind games ar used in a role play like CS.

                          Plz vote, if u all think I should leave, I will out of respect for u all.

                          For me CS is a game but behaviour goes further then a game.



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                            lol moffy i think u got the wrong idea what im showing is the people who's using the tagalog all the time who are not considering the fact that this is an international game and use english as it's universal language my point is, i have no problem with people spamming or whatever i spam nonsense a lot myself when i'm bored, but respect the others when they ask u nicely to stop or whatever, and jenivemar didnt start it first? oh please we all know she's the one who started it first


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                              I know robbay, but look what some hate players make of this