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  • New Frag ?

    So why do the base stats go down on the few frag as you upgrade it?

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    cuz +1650 is base patk and is w/o quality when u gets it u will get a outstanding quality like your prefect dagger I it will rise it's patk
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      The new frag weapon is too much for Sengolia Crystals and Towers to handle. You guys must strengthen up the crystals and towers


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        I agree. A rogue with the new frag can end Seng in 5 minutes, tower killing included. It's rather ridiculous as it give people a better chance to bully lowbies even with other scions and eido trying to extend the timeframe of Seng.
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          *facepalm* dean XD it's the quality that doesn't show yet like thepkmaster mentioned. Once you forge it, the base stats will be higher than your current one. (same with for example a slayers weapon, in the synthesize menu the base stat is lower than your already synthesized one)
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