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  • About Dragon Crystal

    Just wanna ask how big in % is chance to obtain dc from Psychodelica, KD and SR..
    Beacouse this is weird.. usually i got like 4,5 after 5 runs on NM mode in Psycho.. today got 1 after 8 runs..
    When wasn't Vip at least 4 a day now with 3 extra runs i get 1 ?
    This is sick.. beacouse its making higher levels Fragarach n Auguric almost impossible to make..
    Also even if i get 4 dc i can make 1 try to upgrade, thats right 1 try not 1 sucessfull upgrade.
    In my server dc cost 20g ( the cheapest ones ) cuz after new weapon people got insane with prices..
    Try to make something with this beacouse if it keeps like that ppl wont even try to farm n be stronger.

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    I'm hoping on a Dragon Crystal/Fragarach Shard event sooner or later to make this achievable for non-cashers. DC's on our server went up to 30-50G (some fool trying to hit 60g) and frag shards to 1 platinum till 1.8 platinum. Even for a big farmer you couldn't get nearly the amount required to get a significant progress.
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      Can farm in less than week even more shinings than i need to make 19 frag shards..
      Only problem is dragon xtal.. At frag weapon it like to fail even at 86% sucess rate.. so if u pay 80g for 4 ( if u have luck ) n u fail..
      Well dont need to know how this can **** u.. Experienced by myself.


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        just use whatever enchament crystal (probably not MEC) u got from 0-4. then DCs for the rest, saves you some DCs.


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          Originally posted by sangofighter View Post
          just use whatever enchament crystal (probably not MEC) u got from 0-4. then DCs for the rest, saves you some DCs.
          Thx for info alr doing this from times when frag was even released.