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Deleted items then reset to level 1 :(

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  • Deleted items then reset to level 1 :(

    Wow one hour ago i login my weapon, sperion, mount and wings were all gone so i filed a ticket and they said they will look into i login in my char is level 1 at the start point what just happened please help me i dont have done anything wrong

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    plz have patience while its looked into. if don't get a response after a extended time pm me the ticket #


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      Dang I would be quite angry if right after my goal of reaching level 120, I log in & all my stuff is gone. 1 year of work all gone smh. If this is the same person who wrote the post too I saw earlier then again I hope you get your stuff back. The GM's gave a huge Casher from my server his character back after it got deleted. They have all his levels & gears back, so it shouldn't be hard for them to do it for you.
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        This happened to Tinkerbell from s59 also. It doesn't look like an isolated event anymore.
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          Big cashers have deleted their accounts on purpose as an attempt to quit forever. Few months later they come back, they get their account back without hesitation. Since these problems seem to be happening serverwide, I hope they can rollback all those accounts.
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            Hope you get your character back :O
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            Guild: (S6)SteinsGate
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              R2 admin request that any affected players file a ticket in regards to their issue, as it helps R2 admin get a better idea on what is happening with issues like this, and while players are well within their rights to post about issues on the forums, that is not the same same as contacting R2 admin with the relevant information that R2 need, in order to deal with many issues.

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