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What happened to my character ?

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  • What happened to my character ?

    First time on forums so i'm not sure where to post this. please move this if it's on the wrong forum|

    Me and my friends were doing ladder we reached level 41. then i got disconnected so i tried to log back in and it gave me connecting error. so i cleared the cookies and everything then i tried to log in and my character was back to level 1. and my friends account also was back to level one. we didnt do anything wrong. we dont even cash but we buy in game mall items from players for gold. please give us ur characters back

    Wow even my character on s10 is back to level 1 why is this please tell me
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    Whoa. I think CS has some serious glitch problems.
    • Server: Emerald Ridge
    • Character: Dylan
    • Class: Elementalist
    • Vigor: Grandmaster Elementalist
    • Guild: Reborn


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      so i will get my characters back or no ? all my work for 1 year is gone

      please someone help me admins

      i swear i did not do anything wrong check the records and see for yourself
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        please make a ticket at