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I want to know what the defence is

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  • I want to know what the defence is

    When someone asking something really critical about their account in general support you will address them to go file a ticket, when they file a ticket you will say that someone might login their account and its their fault, you forcing players to not making any more threads, when people telling others about the truth you will say its a spam, why? so it wont spread? when its really critical information you'll close the thread or directly delete it, I want to know what the defence is
    LISTEN TO THE GAME COMMUNITY answer them on open forum, not like privately you are hiding something if you might failed with it?


    we all know about the problem so no need to be dishonest because all of it just make it become a piece of bollocks
    HIDDEN FEES AND PRICES SURPRISING ME LIKE BEE STINGS well im not really surprised actually we all know if you have those
    If you guys pay them quids they take the **** and get away with it until they're pinching all your paper like a paperclip

    You're causing drama and according to the laws of karma, stir the water, sure enough of course you'll taunt he poor piranhas so try to pull my jaws apart I'm sure you can't I'm sinking my teeth into the greed
    should i make a call and talk to obama?
    we all know that they will close this one or even delete it BECAUSE THAT IS THEIR DEFENCE

    also we need a thread for open discussion for players and mods or admins, BECAUSE THATS THE USE OF FORUM, AND THE USE OF FORUM ARE NOT REDIRECTING YOU TO TICKET
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    It is extremely annoying that R2 STILL has said nothing about this issue - silence that is driving the rumors, threads, and drama. On top of that, forum moderators are closing EVERY SINGLE THREAD about the issue, citing forum spam as the reason.

    Of course, so many threads are being made because many people are having their accounts deleted and every thread is closed, necessitating a new thread.

    On top of that, GMs were even on (S52)(S55)(S57)(DP)(S59) muting people discussing these issues in World Chat. I cancelled all of my VIPs today. This is ridiculous.


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      As I have Already Stated many times in the server. no they are not hacking,& the galahalt issue is not to be brought up as player sanctions and purchases are private information. the threads about characters being deleted or reset closed do not necessitate a new thread being made as their situation is being dealt with in PM's and tickets. your only making it harder to help other people and instigating problems most of the time when good news comes about, it was suggested this all be spammed by players and has been picked up by players to spam it, so yes it is spam.
      you were asked to be patient. be patient.