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Purple and orange wepons

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  • Purple and orange wepons

    How to get purple and orange wepons and items,and how to get strong eneugh to do RVNM i am lvl 32 combat rouge and this is my wep Click image for larger version

Name:	paod.png
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ID:	1735386 PS one friend gifted me this weapon

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    well for weapons this should hold till ur lvl 40 then u'll be able to get ur (Earthern) Fragarach Weapon I. Thats gonna be ur main weapon from then on...all u gotta do is keep working on it and upgrading it as much as possible. getting to 40 shouldnt take u more than a few days if u do ur quests n events.

    As for soloing dungeons, the most important thing is probably defense. you got be be able to take the boss hits and survive. So u should work on soul> Spirit of Ice. Also equip the best gear as u can till 40 the epic etheral sets will do for u. Its tough in early lvls but as u progress soloing will gradually become easier. If you can run multiple browsers or tabs u can make a priest alt keep it in auto heal and duo dungeons until u can manage solo


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      ok thx that meens when i get one (Earthern) Fragarach Weapon I that will be my main wepon and i cant get any other


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        yea u can get other weapons. in fact there are several weapons available for each class which are lvl dependent. but frag weapons are the best..You can upgrade the (Earthern) Fragarach Weapon I to higher lvls...similar to wing upgrade..or mount upgrade...well u get the drift....The higher u upgrade them they get better and better stats boost along with some cool active and passive skills from the weapon.