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  • I've had enough!

    This is over the red line now! This week has been FULL of bugs,and we dont even get an apology on the forums! First we have to suffer 2 days straight of not being able to move/login for TEN HOURS STRAIGHT! And after that,no emergency maintenance.Leave the emergency maintenance,NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY! While on other games,how i seen,you immediately offered compensation and everything!Okay,i ignored that.Then we have MORE bugs,unable to do ladder and crypt! Half my ladder team was unable to login today,then at level 2,i wasnt able to go to level 3 and disconnected! It was happening for 4 days already (As i know of it) And you STILL wont even do an emergency maintenance or something! We better get a worthy compensation tomorrow and not an afk card and 2x exp token or i wont spend a DIME on this game anymore,and im sure a lot of people wont either.People,if you suffered from the bugs this week post here and say what you think,because THIS HAS GONE OVER EVERY LINE!
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    only a few times DNS problems, but that occurred on about 00:00 till 06;00 AM for me. So not a biggy. I'm not gonna waste money on this game cuz chambers of fate and warriors trail give me like 5p a day. I only spend money on VIP. So thats like 6 euros per week.
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      Lol well i was pretty much ****** cause i have to wake up early around 8+am my time to do ladder with guildies as its night for them and i get stuck at 50%.. its been 3-4 days i havent did ladder..well if theres compensation for this and the bug is fix,im fine with it c:
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