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  • Why?

    Why are some of the CS items weaker than the saga of hero's items? For example, Costumes give PATK and MATK they give physical and magical damage reduction (They can also be +ed for more stats). You get a free gorilla titan there as-well, Why can we not atleast get more GMUT opportunities when they get a free gorilla titan? The sperion there also has higher base stats. +4400(1600) if I remember correctly (The gems give the exact same bonuses).
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    Then how about you to over to that site >_>
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      My intent of this post is I really wish to know why costumes and sperion are so much weaker in CS. I don't want the levelling system changed or a free gorilla titan I just wish it was more available/viable to get EW and GMUT. Yes I am aware that CS has done better since the beginning but I still believe they are much too greedy still.

      EDIT: How do people find out what in the Chinese servers? I used a translator but I couldn't find a thread or anything with the mounts/stats/events they have over there.
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        Saga of Heroes is a completely different company, they have different modifications on the game than we do. They have scaled their stats differently than R2 did. They also can't be used to compare anything from here, as we don't get our codes from them.
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          They need to make it easier to level Sperion & mounts first before they raise the stats of it.
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