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Ticket help pls. Part II

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  • Ticket help pls. Part II

    According maint. tech. issue on 5/2/2013, some players' characters become half exist(can't log). It affect one of my characters. About 2 or 3 days I submit a ticket, waiting till now.

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    move thread to the first


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      As I told you before, there was an error that occurred with your account that they are working on fixing. It's got nothing to do with the ToS, and other characters that have had the same issue didn't have the error yours had.

      It takes time for these things to be resolved. Please be patient.
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        End of patient is my ticket closed now and no any more respond.
        As I can feel R2 just don't want to fix my character and I just lost 1 year of work on that character.
        I have been patient for waiting but R2 didn't give what responsibility should be.
        Every time they use some reason of process error for my respond and let me wait wait wait.
        Yeah. At end, ticket closed and they DON'T CARE.