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How do I remove my credit card info

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  • How do I remove my credit card info

    how can i remove my credit card info from the buy page, im just worried that someone might in some way get in to my account and then i cant stop them from spending.
    I haven't given my info to anyone but still would rather wana be safe than sorry!

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    Go to your settings and remove all saved information.
    Clear your browser's cookies and cache.
    Close all of your browsers and use CCleaner to clean your PC thoroughly.
    If the info is still saved, uninstall, CCleaner, then re-install your browser.
    Contact your payment provider to delete all credit card information bound to your account.
    Never save information again.
    Never share your account to anyone.


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      how can i delete my VIP payment

      hi.. how can i delet my VIP payment


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        Originally posted by Marvish View Post
        hi.. how can i delet my VIP payment
        File a ticket at and we will be cancelled your VIP subscription.


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          how do i change my credit card info on r2 games my other one came up missing and i want to add my new credit card on file so i can get vip can you please help me


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            Yeah so they wont get back to you and they will give you a damn run bullchit story about how its "your fault" and not theirs. While admitting fault R2 will still not give me what is owed.