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Stuck on Charactre Screen

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  • Apoloymi
    started a topic Stuck on Charactre Screen

    Stuck on Charactre Screen


    All day yesterday and and today I have had HUGE problems log in into the game.

    I am having the problem no matter what I use. I have tried log in in using Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer. Ever time I keep getting stuck on this screen.

    I've cleared all my Cache, internet history etc, I've rebooted my laptop about 9 times so far and still nothing.

    I run a test on my Internet connection and that is perfectly fine as well, I've even phoned up my internet provider and they have said that there is no fault with the internet connection.

    Can you please explain why for all day yesterday and still today am I having this problem?

    I have submitted a ticket as well regarding this problem and still waiting on a reply.

  • R22102902
    Well then ill copy and paste my post there then XD thank you

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  • DyÆ–an
    This issue is known, we are discussing it here.

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