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    Originally posted by IceLord2233 View Post
    First of all i amn't stupid to give out account details to any1 and i'm well aware what people do when they give out account details. Also your right hacks are not common in CS but it does happen. One more thing i had a few haters in CS just cause they said i supposedly killed one of the top guilds players there and ya never know if one of them hacked me and deleted my toon. For example Isarenya was one of the many players that hated me for God knows what reason, but no one has any proof that i did anything wrong and also no one hates EliteKyle so whats the point in hacking him. So maybe just for revenge or something like that they wanted to get rid of me once and for all. Also my spouse(LKJ55) is the one trying to help me get my toon back so don't start blaming her for anything shes just trying to help. And I've filed a ticket already but i cashed and they asked me for the payment code on the email sent when buying crystals and i probably deleted that when i first bought crystals so theres no way to get my toon back unless r2 shows some sympathy and restores my toon. And i dont talk here cause i made a new toon in CS and that has a new account so i dont log in to the account that IceLord was on. So i answered like all the questions u asked.
    This is the reply to SlainAgain
    Game= Crystal Saga
    IGN= (S50)IceLord2233
    Level= 61
    Server= (S50)Crimson Groves
    Spouse= LKJ55
    Guild= (S36)styxRaiders