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GM or Mod check the ticket pls

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  • GM or Mod check the ticket pls

    My character was have issue then R2 fixed it after 27 days. During restoring, they said they going to compensation me the time I can't able to log in my character.
    After restored, it seems I got ignored and just throw a side. I only got a reply as "Sorry to have kept you waiting. We will forward your requirement to the proper department. Thanks for your patience." The reply was on Jun 3.
    From Jun. 3 to now, I didn't get any respond at all. It seems I got ignored from R2.

    Compensation? Is that just a word use to appease player's angry???

    ticket # 183001

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    just try following up your ticket o.o compensation is like a gain for your loss or inconvenience.
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      also keep in mind that r2 staff is very busy. they will compensate as they said it might take some time tho. r2 games is a huge game platform with many issues to address.