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free crystals problem

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  • free crystals problem

    when is the free crystals going to be fixed i'm not receiving any from any offers i must have earn at least 200 just watching videos and i'm not the only one its happening to either iv noticed

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    its happening to me also im from joyopark server


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      Some crystals may take up to 60 minutes to obtain. The surveys or offers that you did has to verify that you completed it and once that process is done, your should be received.

      My bad if it is a bug on Crystal Sagas part. I'm sure it will be fixed, give it time.
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        this has been going on for more then a few months


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          I have been having issues as well. I think it would be nice of them to deactivate it until its fixed because they get money for the commercials being watched and we get nothing.


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            Some Of The Offers Are Fake, Sponsor Pay For Me 80% Or More Of The Offers Worked. Aswell As Sometimes It Takes Awhile To Receive Crystals.
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              Not working for me either, and I'm a J5er.
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