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Minor Double Clicking & Quest Item: Clown Puppet Problem

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  • Minor Double Clicking & Quest Item: Clown Puppet Problem

    Hey I've been recently having a Double clicking problem for some reason i cant double click my Items for quick use in my inventory, I have to add them to my quick slots just to activate, or to even login when choosing a Character like i usually do & its not that bad of a problem just repetitive. Also same as the Double click; I cant get rid of the quest item: Clown Puppet from my inventory its taking up a space that i would like to have lol so if u could please fix I would greatly appreciate it

    Kensuesil Lv41
    S62 Bloodshed Hollow
    Thank You ^_^

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    clown puppet should be turned in on completion of a quest or jsut delete it, and sometimes instead of double click... sorry most times, instead of double clicking, u have to triple-quadruple click... but be careful if using things suck as experience tokens, that u dont click too many times and use more than one.


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      Thank you for your Reply: I did complete the quest & i tried dropping & selling it but the item is terrible lol Also the clicking problem Ive tried click like crazy XD & it still doesnt work at all. I cant double click anything that says And/or could originally "Double click" T_T