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GM's, im from joyopark s7..i need help on my accnt..

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  • GM's, im from joyopark s7..i need help on my accnt..

    my character in s7 is named grasya..lvl 65 scion,, it stil have 36platiums and i didnt know about the merging bcuz i just got back from vacation.. can i stil have my account back here in the new server??.. i havent recharged any xtals yet but i have spent alot of time on my character and i want to play it again, i used my wifes fb account to play it but we now both didnt know whats the email address of it anymore since she made a new one.. please give me some action or responce about this.. many of my co players in s7 which i saw in r2 told me about how to retrieve accounts from joyo and i hope you can do something about mine.. thanks!! pls reply asap..

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    Wrong game, goto Crystal Saga


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      Moved thread to CS.

      I'm incredibly sorry, the deadline for submitting information for the restoration project, which started at the beginning of June, passed 3 days ago.
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        i dont get it i passed my registration form why my character dont restore ??