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    a question, how if we trading item in game for some crystal, or even we trade our char for crystal, is it RMT? cause we dont really trade with "Real Money" here.
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    You can't trade crystals- you can trade gold for items, shop item gifts for gold/items. Crystals you can't trade directly because you need to log into someone's account (that's a no), and you are using your cash to directly gain items/gold from players making it not be an ingame trade but a real money for ingame items trade.

    On the the topic of trading characters- it clearly states in the ToS that you're not allowed to trade/gift/sell/share/or any other means of transfer from one owner to another any characters or accounts. It also states that you're not allowed to share your login information.

    You can and should use the R2 store for crystal purchases on your own account and use the ingame trading system to obtain the gold or items that you need from other players.
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