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Pixie upgraded too early, help!

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  • Pixie upgraded too early, help!


    I just got my pixie yesterday and upgraded it once I got enough soul shards, it's only then that I realized the levels were reset and I missed out on boost I could have gotten at the flower pixie.

    How can I fix this? Is there a way to reset it? Or throw away this pixie, get a new one and start over? Please help me!

    Many thanks in advance!


  • #2
    Nothing you can do about it


    • #3
      Not even a ticket to reset it then?

      Why is it even possible to upgrade a pixie that isn't fully levelled? D:


      • #4
        OK, to the next freshly rebirthed scions who may encounter the same 'problem': so apparently it's all fine since a upgrade provides you with base stats that aren't influenced by the boost it had in the previous upgrade, so it's all fine


        • #5
          Ya basically boosting the stats is just to hold you over until u can make the next pixie. Just a bonus until upgraded again. Once upgraded again the stats reset to the same they would be boosted or not and you start all over.


          • #6
            You need to meet a certain Pixie Boost Level (from Crystal essence + exp) before u can upgrade ur pixie you can, once you are ready to level up the pixie to next level your stats go up and your boost goes back to 0.