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  • Crow83
    started a topic events


    we need events that cant be fixed by the arrogant bossy people of the server. They suck the fun and spirit out of the game. I mean there are people who are abusing people in seng and Iob for even trying if they on opposite team to the one certain people have picked to win- they don't have as much control with seng as iob I don't think but its just a joke really. u got a small group dictating everything and it's annoying when they start bullying people because they are playing the game as they ment to. I'm serious people are getting bullied out of fighting in seng/iob ect by petty jerks who think they run the game. I love these events so pls don't get rid of but can't u make it harder for those people to bully everyone and control everything? And make some event that are pure luck based so NOONE can cheat it?
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  • Insanity
    Good idea but how could you make it harder for the people controlling everything?

    Pure luck events = Crypt and lucky guess aswell as sometimes sengolia ( lucky go get on the winning side )

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