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I don't want to know about ****.

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  • I don't want to know about ****.

    Too bad, forgot to screen when he was talking about his "pe.nis", but wait, that doesnt matter, he talks like that 24 hours a day.
    Tickets been ignored, I will take this to kongregate from now on, since R2 doesn't care about that.

    However, I still think, that I should just keep posting screenshots of his chat language here. Why? Just because it perfectly shows how much R2 cares about their customers.
    It has been over a year now. It's really getting old.

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    What's the ticket number, sebastian?
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      For example #222261

      He is usually talking about "Dragon Sex" for over a year now but he lately started to talk about raping people / other players and I think that is a serious issue.
      Sure, I could put him on ignore, but there should be better ways to handle those kind of people.
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        someone threatened to **** me in real life on this game and never got banned either. that has stopped now but for a long time I got abused and attacked by a group saying things like that. Strange I have noticed on this games chat through people talking that u can say ***,(ok in game chat u can say the other word for butt), **** and ejaculate (pls don't tell me off I'm bringing something to ur attention) but u can't say sex. Now I don't know what kind of values u guys have here but come on ***???? sex is a consentual thing. **** is a CRIME. This makes no sense to me that that word isn't censored while sex is. Bit odd people O_o
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          a kid threatening people that he gonna **** them? Click image for larger version

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            yeah its pretty lame and i wouldnt worry about it. but seeing as r2 loves to be judgmental about things and dish out punishments that are way over the top.... they should start with a 30 day ban for him, based on how they treat me. if he repeats, permanent ban.


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              Theres an ignore button for this.


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                R2 doesnt care, its already been proven, there response to stuff like this is "You can use the ignore fuction"


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                  Originally posted by KillKnight View Post
                  Theres an ignore button for this.

                  there may be an ignore button but that doesn't stop other people (kids) from having to see it as well.....something should be done about people like this that feel the need to say these types of things. i always click on "report" when i see stuff like this on my server, though i don't see anything officially being done about it
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