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  • MandixMage
    started a topic question-


    we don't wanna get banned or anything so I wanted to ask first. My CS hubby needs his VIP, I used to gift it to him but i was told we can't do that anymore. So can i give him my card info so he can set up monthly payment directly from my account? I have an account that is used strictly for this game VIP purchasing, I know the risk but I know him and I trust him. I really dont wanna read thru tos i'm very lazy and need glasses because I'm old.

  • MemoryLane
    That's not advisable. While it's not technically against the rules to give out your payment information, there would be nothing support can do if anything happened as a result of someone else having access to your payment information.

    What you should do is buy Ultimate Game Cards, and give him the code. He can buy the vip himself that way.

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