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IoB battleground npc return to starglade

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  • IoB battleground npc return to starglade

    OK ive seen some REALLY dumb things in this game but this one takes the cake.... why? tell my why there is an option from the npc INSIDE the IoB battle area to return to starglade???? i suggest REMOVING this option.... there is NO need for it to be there!!

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    I second that it be removed from the NPC (and the zone NPC as well. Don't need people accidentally clicking on it when they're handing in stones).

    If people wanted to return to SG so bad they can just reload (and if they ever fix it so reloading doesn't boot, then people who want to return to SG can just use a town portal scroll.)
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      I agree. Nobody will ever want to return to Starglade from the battleground >.<


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        Yeah i accidentally did this once.
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          The same with the daily log in reward "RESET" button, I accidentally clicked it and I wen't back to day 1 rewards..I think it shouldn't be there also...and oh yeah! YOU HAVE A POINT,they should remove the "Return to Starglade" option on the NPC in IOB battlegrounds
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