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Goodbye r2

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  • Goodbye r2

    I loved this game while it lasted, spent close to $400 bucks playing it and would have gladly kept spending and playing. Made some good friends whom I shall miss. But I can't stand all the issues with this game, each weeks it seems another feature stops working for me, something won't load, whatever. If telling someone to clear the cookies is the standard of support here then nobody apparently has time to help me. I'm not stupid I've done the basic clean up and relog many times. It is not the answer clearly. I will contact my wifi company again, pretty sure they will say the same thing as last time. Any game suggestions not related to r2 would be great. I have a google chrome notebook. Thanks everyone and take care!!

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    if youre having loading page issue here on mainsite try partnersite then
    less player less issue
    support it to keep kevin away
    u have to start it all over again from scratch tho
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