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Please help!

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  • Please help!

    ticket #818683

    I placed the ticket becuase my husbands bank account has had $7.99 withdrawn every 2 weeks for the past 6 weeks and we don't know why or for who. Here's the deal...

    MandixMage CS s61 Manda -VIP- paid for with my debit card
    xTinyDancerx CS s61 PanDa -VIP- paid for with MY debit card

    Those are correct charges, those are charges I made myself. I have NO issue with r2 withdrawning money in any amont from MY bank account. However, as stated in ticket with the dates (dont remember them atm) there have been 3 withdrawls of $7.99 from MY HUSBANDS bank account, we do not share accounts, our accounts are not connected, we bank at different banks. I have many characters spread out among 2 accounts and 3 different servers. NONE have VIP except Panda and Manda, as stated above. So my ticket is to find out why the charges? They are not for any of my characters, these charges were not made knowingly by me or my husband. He has bought my VIP for me in the past but not recently. PLEASE do NOT cancle my VIP, DO NOT refind MY VIP fee to MY bank account, that is not what i am asking you to do. Does any of this make sense to anybody? Please explain to r2 what I am saying then and pls r2 tell just tell my why u take $7.99 three times in 6 weeks from his account? NONE of my characters that I did not pay for VIP for have it. Who is using his card and why? Also stop charging his card please. If he choose to buy my VIP thats great but I already paid for it and have it so those charges arent for MY vip, get it?

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    hello? anybody?


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      Please send in a ticket. Chances are, you will get a response at least.
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        There is a ticket number listed, so obviously she filed a ticket.

        My advice is to take screenshots of your bank account and send those in with your ticket. If you wait more than 24 hours with no response at all from the ticket department then I suggest that you PM one of the Forum Mods, and see if they can get it looked at as this is an important issue.
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          thank you Jessie I created a new ticket since I cant get any respounce from old ticket. I told them to refer to this thread if they dont get it and explain it yet again to them. Its not really that complicated. His card info is not saved on my accounts here anymore, not sure if they will figure it out. They had better figure it out b4 i have to get courts involved becuase I'm sure as hell going to make them pay legal and court fees.. hear that R2? Figure it out already and refund my husbands money you took without either of our permissions. The money you take every two weeks...


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            thank you for the ticket #, please keep it to one ticket as it'll just complicate things. also wont be able to help if the legal threats continue. I've asked for help on the ticket, please be patient


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              It's fraud. You sue, you win.