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Grinding for these Grand Marshal orders

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  • Grinding for these Grand Marshal orders

    I have a great suggustion. Make these Grand Marshal Orders drop a little more often!!!!!!! I have been grinding for about 2 months for the last 10 Grand Marshal Orders I need for lvl 150. And I still need 5 of them ,LMFAO I already had 4 now I have 5. How long am I gonna have to grind for the same Orders. You people have ruined this game. And I`m not the only 1 having this problem. The Elites are dropping **** drops. I would like to lvl up before this time next year!!!!!!!

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    They are the hardest ones to get. Just make sure you have loot to pick ONLY gold loot.
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      From my understanding at least one will drop for all 3 instances per day. If you kill the mobs in one hit and move fast your toon might not pick it up. As a ranger I get screwed royally because I kill the mobs and they're already out of my pick-up range. I AFKed under a not so OP rogue and set my AFK just to attack elites (turning off all mobs) and I picked up 3 Marshal Orders. Most rogues kill the mobs in 1 hit and move on so fast they don't pick-up the loot, so if you're OP you might watch to see if you're picking up everything. The 4 out of the 5 Grand Marshal Orders I have I picked up when they first released level 150 in random areas. I killed a random elite to get the 5th. I don't AFK all night every night so I might be on 148 for a long while. I hate having all my AFK time eaten for nothing.
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