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  • Stuck on loading screen

    Despite maintenance, problems haven't been fixed. Any time I try to access areas in 120+ to work on quests to unlock cap, it locks up on loading screen. It reaches a point where the character can be seen online by others, but on my end it just sits on the loading 0%. Same thing occured in ladder last night before maint as well for both main and alt. The only way to resolve the issue is to have someone else log into my character and send me back to Starglade so I can actually log in. I've tried the hot spot ****, Ive tried flushing ip. Nothing.

    Just a special thank you for this load of **** from R2. I appreciate losing days worth of stuff, missing events, etc. Fat chance you'll get another VIP / purchase from me. It's doubly impressive they can't even acknowledge the problem, let alone fix them. Great job.

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    Just curious... Does ANYONE work in support or help any more? It takes days to a response to not getting VIP that you paid for... hundreds of complaints from this latest round of problems from R2... But where's the support? No response to tickets, no response on the forum. Seem to be pretty good at taking money though...No delays there.