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sigh.. scammed

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  • sigh.. scammed

    Just got scammed.

    Ticket is up with a complete list of screenshots of the entire trade and conversation.

    Ticket ID is: #927775

    What happens in these situations? i assume the gold used is gone? unable to have it returned?
    And i assume the player involved has traded it off by buying from his main characters shop, or traded it off, or simple went and bought alot of player shop items and deleted the character.

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    What happens is that you will not be compensated for the items or currency lost on the trade since it went through the trade system.
    What you can do though is possibly get the player banned for scamming. It's a chance, not a guarantee.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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      So when he ran off into the Starglade player shops i immediately started the ticket, knew something was wrong.

      I assume he just wasted it all on his main's player shop, or traded it to his main or other alt account.

      I am assuming he was smart enough to do it through a proxy to mask his IP so that he doesn't get his main account banned.
      It's not a big loss, im just a little worried that this person is going to get away with this, even with all the proof in my screenshots in the ticket.

      I feel stupid..


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        No need to feel stupid over a little thing.
        Just give me your ticket number and I will forward it.
        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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          Ticket ID is: #927775

          Thanks for getting onto this so fast.

          We are getting friend spammed an alt spammed right now on s65.

          Lots of new low level players sending friend invites and trying to scam, all targeting Nirvana guild.
          Hope a GM is online trying to find out who this is..

          Am personally getting friend spammed by multiple alts every 2minutes...

          Ok seems to have stopped now.

          Hope a GM was like "BAN HAMMER" and caught them.

          We still have multiple people on s65 trying to scam..

          Can the R2 people please do something..
          I am getting nowhere with putting up tickets constantly.
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            This person has been spamming for a week..
            And has scammed a few people already..

            Nothing has been done, the person is still here spamming.